The SPA voucher is an open ticket to the land of happiness and relaxation zone, thanks to which you will create your own world of luxury. You’ll get to experience with all your senses this individual mix of relaxation, energy, hydration and calmness all at once.
Enjoy the symphony of your favorite fragrances mixed with the scent of essential oils and a massage at your own tempo.WHAT DOES THE SPA VOUCHER CONTAIN?With the care of our experienced service we ensure your deep relaxation. The cash Voucher provides a selection of treatments designed specifically to your preferences. The voucher can be valid for 2 months.

The voucher holder(the gifted person) can choose from the wide range of services that we offer at our SPA Hammam Shahrazad. Therefore, it is worth trying out such voucher,even if you don’t know the recipient’s preferences. The SPA voucher can also be a great gift for many occasions. You can gift it as a birthday present to your sister, mother on their birthday, or as Valentine’s Day gift to your lover, or to any person that you’d like to give them the experience of a lifetime at Spa Hammam Shahrazad.


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